Our passion is sound, in all its musical, high-pitched, whining, whirring, cackling, rumbling, soft, gutsy, loud, mellow, sensual, speedy, captivating glory.


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Target launches new 'Life's A Workout' athleisure ad campaign via AJF Partnership, Melbourne

Keep your eyes and ears out for the new Target Athleisure campaign that we worked on with our friends at AJF Partnership and 13&CO! #AJF #13Co..

4 months ago

Bang Bang Studios’s Videos on Vimeo

HAPPY FRIYAY! #fridayfriyay Have you seen our Vimeo page yet? If you haven’t, you should probably check it out: https://vimeo.com/bangbangstudios/videos

4 months ago

Bang Bang Christmas Hours

Bang Bang Christmas Hours

7 months ago